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A bit more about my approach

For me, being a contemporary painter is to use the emotions that inhabit me to feed the inspiration that I pour on my canvas through intuitive painting. In a self-educated manner, I have perfected, adapted and combined various techniques my own way imprinting on my paintings an exclusivity that belongs to me!

The expression of this modern art is shaped, for me, through the amalgam of various materials and mixed techniques that allow me to surprise the eye and the soul of those who look at my paintings. In each of my works, the textures that mingle and the colors that blend and contrast create a movement that challenges and attracts the eye.

Acrylic is the basic medium that I use which offers me as many possibilities as my imagination allows. My paintings are gradually born by applying to acrylic all kinds of techniques such as fluidity, cutting, texture, contrast and by adding heteroclite materials of all kinds.

Finally, as an artist, I am relentless in my search for innovation, and beauty. The intuitive nature of contemporary style painting allows me to set free the burgeoning cauldron of creativity that inhabits me!

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